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Selling Your Fort McMurray Home?

At Bauld & Associates, we understand that selling your home can be bitter sweet, especially with the highs and lows of the Fort McMurray real estate market. The first step in the selling process, is to contact one of our agents for a home valuation also known as a comparative market analysis (CMA). A CMA is a tool that your REALTOR® will use to determine the listing price of your home. In order to complete an accurate valuation, your REALTOR® will come to your home to see its current condition and note any characteristics, upgrades, and deficiencies. After all the necessary information is gathered, your REALTOR® will analyze comparable homes in your area that have recently sold and will consider current market trends influencing your homes price. Once the valuation is complete, your REALTOR® will send you a reports and communicate a recommended listing price for your home to get you a quick sale in today's market.

If you are satisfied with the home valuation and want to list your home, your REALTOR® will schedule a photographer, install a 'For Sale' sign on your lawn, and will provide you with tips for selling your home. At Bauld & Associates we focus on marketing your home to our buyer database, across the web, and on multiple social media platforms to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Throughout the listing process, we will provide you with feedback from prospective buyers so you can understand their perspective of the listing price and condition of your home. Once an offer is received, we will immediately inform you and will advice you on whether or not it is a good or bad offer. It is important to note that our team will NEVER pressure you to take an offer you are not satisfied with and will negotiate for the most favourable terms to get you the highest sale price for your home.

Did you know that home valuations are FREE and only take 15 minutes!? If you are interested in selling and would like to schedule a free home valuation, contact our team at 780-747-2699 or email If you prefer, you can use our 'Home Valuation' tool on our website.